The benefits of having a LinkedIn profile


These days anyone who is serious about business is on LinkedIn. Think of it as the Facebook for business. You can add people in your industry, comment on people’s posts, keep in touch, ask for referrals and even write professional blogs that you can share with everyone in your network. You can also see who has viewed your profile and blogs, as well as receive a ranking score for your profile views.

LinkedIn profiles are now hybrids of resumes, websites, Facebook and blog pages. It’s a complete presentation of who you are and what you are up to professionally. Most recruiters now use LinkedIn to do a quick check on people applying for jobs.

Here are 5 benefits of having a strong presence on LinkedIn:

  1. You can get seniors to notice you by creating a professional profile, posting content regularly and commenting on posts.
  2. Since LinkedIn is a prospecting, research and engagement tool, you can connect with decision-makers you might not normally be exposed to.
  3. You can introduce people to one another and be instrumental in bringing like-minded people together.
  4. LinkedIn is the perfect environment to leverage ‘brand power’. Remember there’s your brand, your company brand, and your industry brand. Promote and connect all three and watch relationships grow.
  5. Your strategic,  consistent and value-driven communications used in a thoughtful way on LinkedIn can and will open doors for you.

Remember that LinkedIn is a professional platform so you need to respect the platform etiquette. Sending  frequent, non-permission based emails are strongly discouraged. Spend some time interacting with people, supporting their content, causes and company before launching into requests for work or introductions.

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About the writer:

Amour Setter is an award-winning filmmaker, international producer, and principal of Auteur Film School. Visit her LinkedIn profile




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