Just make a short film already!


Many people talk about (and dream about) making a film, but few actually go out and do it. That’s because they somehow convince themselves they can’t. Or they focus on all the reasons preventing themselves from making a short film.  Let’s lay some of those ridiculous reasons to rest.

  1.  “I can’t afford it.” In this day and age, you can make a movie on your cell phone and edit it on your computer with free software that you can download from the internet. Saying you can’t afford it is not a valid excuse.
  2.   “I don’t know any actors.” You don’t have to know any professional actors to make your first film, grab some of your friends, even if they are awful actors. You’re not making this first film to win an award, you’re making it for the experience.
  3.   “I don’t have a script.” You can write a short 3-page script that should equate to 3 minutes of “on-screen” time. Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end. You’ll want to avoid any dialogue pieces for your very first film as sound is quite a complicated issue for a first-time, untrained filmmaker (unless you have a friend who can capture good sound for you.)
  4. “I honestly don’t know how to do it.”  If you really lack the confidence, then sign up for a short home-study course that teaches you the basics, then go out and make your first short afterwards.

The best thing is just to go out and make it.  The experience alone will teach you plenty and you’ll be in a better position the second time around.

Want to sign up for a short home-study filmmaking course?  Drop us an email and we’ll send you a prospectus: filmschool@auteurfilms.co.za

About the author:

Amour Setter is an award-winning filmmaker, international producer at Amour Setter Films and owner of Auteur Film School.



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