The difference between Facebook & LinkedIn


After seeing umpteen selfies and bikini-clad women vying for attention on LinkedIn, I decided to educate the lesser informed of us who have yet to figure out the difference between Facebook and LinkedIn.

The main difference between LinkedIn and Facebook (for those who honestly don’t know) is that LinkedIn is a business platform whereas Facebook is a social platform. Think of Facebook as your local coffee shop where you meet your friends and family to catch up.  Now think of LinkedIn as the big glass building downtown where business people get together to hire, contract, share business-related information and do business together.

So let’s just mentioning the 4 main things you would NOT do when going to the big glass building looking to do business (LinkedIn).

1.  You wouldn’t arrive there wearing your underwear or bathing suit (or flashing your bare bits) because it simply sends out the wrong message. People honestly don’t have to unclothe to get attention. Success is by far the best attention-grabber.

2.  You wouldn’t arrive there without a cv because you could well miss an opportunity to get hired.

3.  You wouldn’t tell everyone you meet about your personal problems, religious or political  views because your potential boss, business partner or client may find your shared views offensive enough to not want to do business with you.

4.  You would refrain from being rude, abusive or politically incorrect because people judge you by your actions. Nobody wants to do business with abusive people, racists or sexists. (What you say on LinkedIn will have very far-reaching consequences for your career).

On the other hand, when going to Facebook (the coffee shop example I used earlier), do whatever you like considering your audience. Take as many selfies as you want, and wear your underwear or bathing suit. Curse, jab fun at your friends, tell everyone how you feel today, etc. That’s the place where you get to relax and have fun.

Since LinkedIn is a professional platform for serious business people, it is highly frowned upon to use it as a social platform. Of course, it is to be expected that a certain amount of “social fluff” will bleed through to LinkedIn, but I believe that mostly comes from a place of not understanding the difference between Facebook and LinkedIn.

Have a look at this tongue-in-cheek advertisement for Cell C directed by South African, Jonathan Parkinson, it sums up social media beautifully and shows us just how ridiculous we’d actually seem if we practiced social media actions in real life.

About the writer:

Amour Setter is an award-winning filmmaker, international producer at Amour Setter Films & owner of Auteur Film School



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